About the organisers

The Geographical Society of Ireland (GSI), the professional representative organisation of geographers in Ireland, was founded in 1934. Over eighty years later, the GSI continues to raise awareness of the value and impact of Geography in Ireland and beyond, through a diverse range of activities and collaborations. Our society strives to promote the status and study of geography in Ireland and enhance its international reputation. The GSI aims to raise awareness of the value and impact of Geography in Ireland through a variety of activities at home and internationally. Society members are actively engaged in enhancing the international profile of Irish geography through their engagement with the International Geographical Union (IGU), RGS-IBG, Association of American Geographers (AAG) and other international groupings. We also actively engage to influence government and other organisations on matters of strategic importance, including the status of the subject in the primary and secondary educational systems. The GSI coordinates the annual Congress of Irish Geographers, in collaboration with individual Geography Departments/Schools, which demonstrates the high quality of geographical research being undertaken in universities and in other public and private institutions across Ireland.

The International Geographical Union (IGU) is an international, non-governmental, professional organization devoted to the development of the discipline of Geography.

The purposes of the IGU are primarily to promote Geography through initiating and coordinating geographical research and teaching in all countries of the world. Its work is conducted through the instruments of its National Committees, Commissions and Task Forces.

The IGU hosts the International Geographical Congress every four years and also promotes regional conferences and other meetings that further of the objectives of the Union. The IGU also facilitates the participation of geographers in the global community of scientists through its formal affiliation as a Member Union within the International Science Council (ISC) and the International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences (CIPSH).