Any queries relating to the programme must ONLY be sent to:

We are delighted to share our draft congress programme and below you will find the resources needed to help you to navigate the details. We have 4 paper sessions each day and will have up to 34 parallel sessions happening at one time.

We have endeavoured to ensure that Commission sessions do not clash but where Commissions have very large session numbers (e.g. Tourism, Urban), we have had to run sessions concurrently to ensure we could schedule all of them.

In producing the draft programme, we have tried to ensure a balance of sessions each day (physical, human, environmental, GIS / geospatial technology) and also made every effort to accommodate scheduling requests and ensure that co-authors on papers are not clashing. You will see how complex the programme is as you begin to search it, so would ask that you do not request any changes unless absolutely necessary. The programme has been informed by the review work of the session proposers, input of Commission Chairs and finalised by the Local Organising Committee.

This is a draft programme and is subject to change until early May. If changes are necessary, we will make every effort not to change the day of your presentation, but reserve the right to do so and will contact you if it becomes necessary.

What day am I presenting?

  • The PDF documents below are searchable so you will need to download them and then search by name or abstract title to find the day you are presenting.
  • Please note that this listing is correct as of 13th March 2024 and subject to change.
  • The dates for poster sessions are still being confirmed and we will be in touch once these have been finalised. We hope to have this by the end of April.

At what time is my session timetabled?

  • Please search the author listing above to check what day you are presenting and then you can search for the session time on the relevant listing by day below.
  • You should download these files and use the search function and zoom options on the PDF to navigate. These are very large files.

The Closing Ceremony will take place late on Thursday afternoon where we will wish you a farewell and hand over to our colleagues from Melbourne 2028!

How will I navigate this programme at the Congress?

We are developing a bespoke conference app that delegates will be able to use during the congress. This will have advanced search functions and be designed for accessibility and easy filtering and visibility of sessions. You will also be able to choose sessions to build your own personal timetable for the week and have access to all poster presentations online, as well as at the in-person poster sessions.

**Please Note: As author’s register,  it may be necessary to further consolidate particular sessions where there are not sufficient papers to run an effective session or where papers are withdrawn. This will be done before we publish the final programme in early May. Where changes are necessary, we will endeavour not to change the day of your presentation but reserve the right to do so if necessary to the overall functioning of the programme.